By : Muhammad Andi ( Guru Bahasa Dayak & Pelestarian Alam)

Student of SAIM

MABIT (Malam Bina Iman dan Takwa) is on of the featured program who has been created by SDIT Alam IKM Al Muhajirin. This program already availabel yet since 2019. This program implemented every single month, especially in the last month.

As we know, in Indonesia pandemic Covid-19 disaster in march 2020. because of that every field live has effected without exception education. of course this pandemic affected to our program MABIT.

Last week in Indonesia especially in Palangka Raya the cases of Covid-19 already decreasing. Government allowed people to make any event, and also allow teaching and learning activity at school. This momentum was used by SAIM to running of the MABIT program.

Student Of SAIM

So, what is MABIT?

well, a simple explanation MABIT is the night to build the Islamic character and Leadership for a student. The Islamic character mean to relationship the student with Creature Whole Universe (Allah SWT) with do all obligation and Sunnah. and relationship with human and also all creatures by Allah (about attitude and behavior). Leadership is about how to be leader for themself (students). As we are know most of students Elementary School is a people with age under 11–12 years old. Which mean They are still a kids. You know the kids still crying, spoiled, and coward. From MABIT Program, we want students be independent person, no cry and no drama.

Closed Ceremony SAIM

What the student do in MABIT?

There are a lot of activities that should students followed. I will explain one-by-one.

Collecting Firewood

Setting up a Tent

The student will sleep on the tent. One tent consists two person, so they should working together to setting up a tent. Before they setting up a tent, Teachers already gave a mini demonstration to setting up a tent. The students should make full attention on demonstration.

Collecting firewood

The students was divide into some group to collecting a firewood around school. Working together to collecting wood for make a bonfire. The bonefire was used to burna corn, marshmallow, sosis and others.

Pray Together

Praying Together (Magrib, Isya, Tahajjud and Shubuh)

This is the important part, the students praying together.

Read Qur’an

Reciting the Quran Together
As our purpose to build Islamic characters, reciting the Quran is so important. The student reciting the Quran was guide by the teachers.

Eating Together

Eatting Together (Dinner and Breakfast)

Student eating together for feeling SAIM’s family.

Watching Islamic Movie Together

Watching Islamic Movie Together

Watching Islamic movie make student realized that we should be a grateful person with something that we have. After watching the movies students should give perspective and their opinion about movies that they watching before.

Archery Club of SAIM
Rabbana club of SAIM

Clubbing (Cooking, Archery, Coloring, Hendycraft and Islamic Mussic Rabbana)

Clubbing is extracurricular for a student. In SAIM has four club which is Cooking, Archery, hendycraft and also Coloring and Islamic music. The student should choose one club based on their interest in. The Cooking Club manage by Ibu Istigna, Ibu Bibit and also Ibu Rini. This club has a program for student to creating something like weaving, make doll, and others. The archery club manage by Bapak Dody and his assistant Mr. Andi. This Club teach student to use a good arrow. The other club is Coloring. This club manage by Ibu Helda and Ibu Suci. The students who follow this club should bringing their crayons and the pen color. Actually School already provide the crayon and also coloring pencil, but for student to exploring about color they can bring what their have. And the last one Islamic music club. This club manage by Pak Wandi and Ibu Sulis. This club focusing on play tradisional Islamic music tool to religion performance. Student was teach how to use the kind of tools and also how to read Shalawat Rosulullah SAW and combine whit that instrument.

Morning Exercise

To make a healthy mind we should have healthy body. To keep our healthy body we did a morning exercise. Our morning exercise is gymnastics. A gymnastics was manage by Mr. Andi. We did a gymnastics as long 30 minutes. That is enough to make body more healthy.

After did all the activities, we tidy up the tent and clean the school environment. After do all activities we ready to go home. The student pickup by their parents because in MABIT we can’t bring ourself transportation.

Okay, That’s all about our featured program MABIT. If you are interested on our program let’s visiting our school.

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